For years, the idea of crafting my own sublimation trucker hat danced in my mind.

The journey to bring this vision to life, however, was no simple feat. It all began with the quest to find the right vendor, a journey fraught with challenges.

Simultaneously, as I searched for the perfect production partner, I delved into the realm of artistic contemplation, pondering over the image and style that would adorn my hat. Initially drawn to one of my watercolor postcard paintings, I sought the counsel of my Facebook friends in May 2023 to pinpoint the most captivating piece. The unanimous choice propelled me forward, yet as I reflected further, the watercolor’s whimsical charm seemed a touch too unrefined. Thus, I embarked on a journey to transform it into a acrylic masterpiece, drawing inspiration from a serene sunset witnessed at Van’s Beach in 2022.

July 2022 Inspiring Sunset at Van’s Beach, Leland, MI

View From Van's Beach Watercolor Painting by artist Deb Lanning

July 2022 Plein Air Watercolor Postcard Painting

Though it had been years since I wielded acrylics, I embraced the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity to create a new centerpiece for my living space.

Amidst life’s interruptions, the painting gradually took shape over six months, with long pauses for home renovations until it found its completion in late 2023.

View From Van's Beach Painting by artist Deb Lanning

Sailing into the Sunset

View from Van’s Beach, Leland, MI

As the acrylic painting finally reached its culmination, the time had come to pursue the next chapter: materializing my hat design.

With newfound determination, I embarked on the search for a vendor again, a quest that ultimately bore fruit. Collaborating closely, we embarked on the journey of crafting a prototype, a process that allowed me to infuse every stitch and hue with my personal touch. From selecting colors to designing intricate graphics, each element bore the stamp of my creative vision, transforming mere fabric into a canvas of expression.

Amidst the backdrop of hat design, painting endeavors and yoga teacher training, a clandestine venture was quietly taking root: the inception of my new business, ‘Wander with Direction.’

A culmination of my passions for art and travel, the concept slowly crystallized, laying the groundwork for a venture that would offer not only tangible products but immersive experiences.

In mid-April 2024, the moment of revelation arrived as I beheld the first photos of the prototype. The rush of excitement and satisfaction was palpable as my ideas materialized before my eyes, marking the convergence of creativity, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the midst of bringing my artistic vision to fruition, the vendor and I delved deeper into the design process, I found myself engaged in discussions about subtle yet impactful stylistic adjustments. From the hue of the brim to the color of the stitching, each detail underwent careful consideration and iteration. I ultimately emerged with a final prototype!

With the groundwork laid for the hat production the next chapter of my entrepreneurial journey unfolds: how to finance the production and how to sell this beautiful trucker hat.

I decided to embark on this here Kickstarter-inspired campaign as a means to both finance and market my trucker hat. I invite YOU — friends, family, and followers to participate in the journey by pre-ordering your own piece of wearable art. Setting a modest goal of 50 hats at a retail price of $36 each, I aimed to reach the breakeven point and bring my vision to fruition with the support of my community.

I’ve ordered the production of the hats, they should arrive mid-June 2024. As soon as I get them, I’ll send them off to any one that has placed a pre-order. Thanks in advance for you your support!


Our kickstarter campaign has started, our new trucker hat is now available for pre-order!

The “Sailing Into the Sunset Trucker Hat” is not just a hat — it’s your passport to a Northern Michigan Summer. The front panel depict a vibrant Lake Michigan sunset complete with a sailboat drifting by.