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Welcome to Wander with Direction, where travel transcends the ordinary. Our mission is simple yet profound – to inspire purposeful exploration. Through our curated tours, immersive classes, and thoughtfully selected products and apparel available in our online shop, we invite you to embark on a journey that goes beyond destinations, encouraging you to wander with intention and direction. Join our community of passionate explorers, and let every experience be a step towards personal growth, cultural understanding, and a more connected world.

Hi There! I’m Founder and fellow Artist, Debra Lanning, I find inspiration from my many travel adventures. Whether sailing the crystal blue waters here in Michigan, road-tripping through the Southwest, or exploring the sunny coasts of tropical locals, I am always searching for a new experience.  My goal is simple, to share my passion for creative curiosity through art and travel.

Postcard Series by Debra Lanning